Re-energised town centre artistic impression

In recent years there has been a clear focus by Wealden District Council on the need to regenerate the centre of Hailsham. As a key owner of land in the area, the Council, through Hailsham Aspires, has now put together three masterplan options for the future of the town centre. This will deliver a revitalised town centre in line with the ‘Vision for Hailsham’, as identified in the Hailsham Neighbourhood Plan, and offer Hailsham a bright future as the key growth town in East Sussex.

The vision for the regeneration of Hailsham Town Centre is to create a welcoming, inclusive and impressive design that draws on the history of the town and enhances its surroundings, whilst creating:

  • High Quality New Homes
  • Civic Heart
  • Inclusive Leisure Facilities
  • Diverse Communities
  • Outdoor Amenity Space
  • Sustainable & Biodiverse
Town Centre Living Image
Ariel view of Hailsham Aspires town centre regeneration masterplan area

To do this, seven key design principles were created to guide the three masterplan options created for Hailsham Town Centre.

Redeveloping the town centre provides an exciting opportunity to future proof Hailsham as a destination, whilst also creating a number of benefits for local people, such as new public spaces, an exciting retail and commercial offering, leisure facilities and much needed new homes.

All options include the following:

The project will modernise and expand the town centre’s retail offer, making space for a variety of large, small, and independent stores at the heart of Hailsham Town Centre. This will give residents and visitors more opportunity to support local business and the local economy. A revitalised retail and commercial space will also help attract business to the area and allow for the creation of new jobs.

All options have new civic buildings conveniently located within the masterplan design. This includes access to new Wealden District Council offices, spaces for community groups and opportunities for leisure.

The masterplan options all feature new connections and crossings to create better links to, from and within the town centre. This includes wider pedestrian walkways with a more open feel, making it easier to access and utilise the town centre using various transport options.

New public green space and open space are included within each masterplan option, along with increasing wildlife and biodiversity, significant tree planting and landscaping, and creating opportunities for play.

A mixture of much needed and environmentally friendly homes will be created of varying sizes to provide options for all, from first time buyers to family homes, and those looking to downsize. Bringing more homes into the town centre will also enable people to access services, retail, employment and leisure activities on their doorstep.

Five Character Areas
Vision for masterplan character areas

This information is available as downloadable/printable information boards.